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Meet The Team


Our team is here to sere you as you strive to find your place in the work world. We can help you with leadership coaching, career coaching, and team-development workshops.

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Brent Green

President, Founder, and Lead Trainer


Brent has worked with clients in 45 countries throughout his career. His purpose in life is to 'bring out the best in others'. 

M: 785-979-0381

Bridget D



Bridget is one of our key coaches. She loves coming alongside people who want to improve their performance to help support, encourage, and motivate them to achieve their goals. She brings more than 25 years of leadership experience to our team..

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Clarissa P

Chief Administrator​


Clarissa works as the chief administrator of the Cloverleaf platform. She is responsible for maintaining, modifying, and managing information within Cloverleaf. She also helps with other administrative tasks such as - Email Marketing, creating blog posts, maintaining the Ag TeamBuild website, etc.

Clarissa works hard and approaches all of the work with a spirit of positivity, excellence, and personal responsibility.

Jackie G

Coach / Spanish Language Expert


Jackie delivers workshops and coaching in Spanish. She's worked with people across cultures for many years and engages well with people, no matter what country they are from. She has many years of teaching and coaching experience. 


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